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2022 Call for New Members! SCoR IM+T Advisory Group

Due to upcoming retirements, there are now vacancies on the SCoR’s IM+T Advisory Group.

Applications to sit on the group are invited from all sections of the Radiography community and from all four countries of the UK.

The IM+T Advisory Group covers a range of areas which employ IT for clinical imaging and therapeutic radiography services including the generation, handling, communication, storage, retrieval, management, analysis and synthesis of data and knowledge. The purpose of the group is to enable the Society and College of Radiographers to keep up to date with and influence developments, and to support and advise SoR members in dealing with informatics issues.

SCoR requirements for applicants:

  • member in good standing
  • respected and held in high esteem by their peers
  • excellent collaborators and active team members
  • energetic and enthusiastic in relation to the profession/education
  • able and willing to devote time and energy to the group between meetings by email and other electronic means; and be able to attend up to three meetings per year in London (currently all meetings are held online).

The group is particularly keen to hear from newly qualified members interested in PACS, PACS Managers and therapeutic Radiographers involved in the profession, but all are invited to apply.

For further information or to express your interest, please contact the current group chairs: Alexander Peck & Moira Crotty (or use the forum function to send me a direct message if you do not have our email addresses).

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Hi Alex, I might consider it - but I am wondering if I have my finger in too many imaging pies at the moment. Perhaps we could have a chat about it? See what your expectations are and whether I might be a candidate.

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Hi Alex,
I’d be interested in putting myself forward.
Maybe we could have a chat at some point?

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Hi Alex

Could we have a quick discussion re this and the DICOM/HL7 course?

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CAn i have your email addresses to find out a bit more of what will be required?


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