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3M Speech Recognition

Hi All,
I have just arrived at a new job and am getting involved in a change of Speech Recognition software.
Does anyone have any experience in 3M’s M Modal/Fluency package and whether it works well with the main RIS and PACS vendors’ software too?
Are there any pit falls to look out for?

When I tested it last year it proved incompatible with both CRIS Core and Evo, in terms of not being able to lock the dictation target so you can have the mouse focus on PACS, but have the text directed to the RIS. Despite repeated promises, I also failed to get the companies to talk to each other to sort out full (background) integration, as is possible with Dragon. It’s frustrating as the Trust has implemented M*Modal FD for clinician dictation into EPR, but it’s not an option for us in Radiology.


Hi Stephen, good to see you here, welcome.

My understanding is that this level of cooperation is not possible with Dragon and CRIS anymore unfortunately as Dragon on CRIS is now unsupported (I understand this is due to commercial issues). The replacement VR that CRIS are migrating to (Augnito) is not currently as well integrated as Dragon was. I hope the situation will improve in due course.

Mike - I have no experience with Modal/Fluency VR, sorry.

For clarity, I should say that we do have some sonographers using FD, but they are dictating into a special “dictation window” and then have to do a cut&paste into CRIS. They seem happy with it, but to me that’s not really an integrated solution.

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your input, I would agree with you, that does not seem fully integrated, merely a work around.
I will keep a close eye on how it functions with everything, it’s already been purchased though, so if it doesn’t work with things, we will need to get the vendors to engage and rectify if they can.

Hi Mike,

I’m a radiologist. Our Trust is just implementing Fluency Direct across the board, including Radiology. VR is new to most teams, except rad and path (moving from Dragon).

We are able to dictate to RIS (Epic) in the background whilst manipulating PACS (Change). I much prefer it to Dragon on Epic, which was a pain and required the ‘dictation box’. Fluency does not but does require a command before every report to ensure the correct dictation target is set. I’m having to lead the transition in Radiology so am trying to get this set up as a mic button macro.

Happy to chat directly or point you in the direction of the Trust’s project managers.


Hi Tilak,

Thanks for your reply, I will see how we get on and may well ask you about your luck with the macro button.


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Hi Mike,

The last national PACS survey did not reveal any use of 3M’s software at all in NHS Radiology departments, but obviously things may have changed in the meantime as per Tilak’s comments earlier!


A client has been trying to implement RIS driven M*Modal/FD for 2 years here in Australia without success. Issues with ongoing poor recognition despite training and re-training, swapping mics etc, upgraded all infrastructure, random words appearing/disappearing, clumsy/inconsistent formatting. Big productivity hit and very frustrating for the Rads, not rolling it out until it working reliably and that seems no time soon. 3M US team involved and can’t explain the behaviour. Could not recommend it based on our experience.

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Similar experience elsewhere in Australia with a client of mine. FD didn’t pass testing so was never taken live and they made a decision to switch to FFI but I can’t comment to the success of that as it is still in progress.

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Apologies, my client was implementing FFI, not FD.

FD implemented with EPIC Radiant for the Rads to do VR for reporting but we are moving to PBR with new PACS solution as it was just not reliable, according to the clinicians.