8B Job Description

Does anyone have an 8B JD for a Radiology Systems Manager or similar that they could share with me please?
We are doing some work with our structure internally and would be helpful to have as a cross reference.


I’m a 8B myself cross site team (Chelsea and west Middlesex) - but my JD is a fag packet job circa 2007!

I have a number of JD’s that may be helpful, but for whatever reason I cannot attach them here (tells me I am a new user which is a complete lie).

If you provide an email address I will happily forward them to you.

Stephen Hughes
Imaging Systems Manager
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
+44 (0)20 3315 2571
PROUDly working as part of UKAS Accredited QSI Diagnostic Imaging Service No.7755

It took me 3 years battling with our Trust to get from a 6 to a 7. In the process I recorded bandings for PM (not the Johnson type) for about 100 Trusts. At the time Sandwall and Royal Brompton were on an 8a. Julian (Sandwell) provided me with a copy of his role.
Contact him if that is helpful.

Well done for recognising the value of good Clinical System Management, as evidenced by the majority of PACS and Pathology IT managers. Sadly, within the NHS there has been a significant underappreciation of the talent required to excel at these roles. A lesson which may become even more poignant when PACS, RIS contracts arise – or as Trusts welcome new Electronic Patient Record Systems.

Dear All,
I was a PACS Manager in 2007 at George Eliot. I was a Band 8A. In 2011 the Trust needed to save cost. Unfortunately I was one of those who got made me redundant. Moral of the story do not overshoot on bandings as the case was for me. I believe a Band 7 is sufficient for the role of PACS Manager. Please bear in mind we are in a recession and I believe there will sustainability across many trusts. My thoughts and regards. Pod.

Probably depends a bit of the size of the Trust you work for. I could understand the PM of BCU, coordinating 3 Trust across North Wales has a bigger burden than a PM of an Orthopaedic hospital in a county where sheep outnumber patients (although that is a dangerous statement to make in a comparison with North Wales). Where do you work now Pod?


Hi Frank,
Radiology Manager in Abu Dhabi. UAE. Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. Its been a long time Frank I hope all is good at RJAH.

Isn’t the UAE abroad somewhere. It sounds outside the West Midlands to me. Is it a coal or oil fired culture?
Seriously, UAE, that is quite a change but at least the weather should be better there. It has rained here since October 2022 or was it 2021?
Yes RJAH has stayed where it was since, … well since I started here.

Your SOH is still the same Frank, some things never change.

It depends on size of organisation and location. In London and the South it is a real challenge to fill 8A and 8B PACS roles. Advertising for a PACS Manager Band 7 would be futile


The jobs market does change:12 years is quite a long time. With home working and digital transformation plans meaning Trusts competing for limited and an increasingly in demand workforce, this might not be so true now.

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In many cases, the banding will be dictated by supply and demand. Many of the posts that I’m seeing would suggest that demand is high and supply is short.

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Noted Mark.

My banding is 7 for “Diagnostic and Imaging Systems Manager” it’s aligned via the AFC Job Matching Process. NHS Job Evaluation Handbook

It’s specifically linked to the IM&T Section Manager national profile in: https://www.nhsemployers.org/system/files/2021-06/information-management-tech-profiles.pdf

There is a band 8 IM&T Service Manager role in there to look at too.

You might notice certain phrases repeated on a lot of job descriptions, these are usually from the national profiles. Constructing your job description in conjunction with your local job matching panel might be an approach to consider.

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