Adding mobile RIS to workflow

Hi all.

Are there any sites which use Mobile Cris from wellbeing as a patient ID tool. In which areas and what processes do you have in place for using it and the business continuity plan for it?

yes, we use it extensively @ UHS. Patient ID, pause and check, pregnancy status, MRI safety (double) checks. used in NM, US, MRI, CT and plainflim. available to IR but no uptake.

BC planning… we wish… still trying to develop a scheduled stat that we can run on a remote server to provide this info and more importantly from a BC perspective, all of the vetting info for planned exams. If CRIS is down, then so is the mobile CRIS service. We have never had a problem with mobile CRIS failing of its own accord though.

Do patients sign on the tablet as part of their ID check/ consent or for operator use only

patients only touch the iPads if they are signing a pregnancy declaration. the operators are recording their own check compliance.

we do have the WHO checklist on there too, so patient could sign that on the device, but as i said, IR didn’t really take this up so its still a physical form and scan into core CRIS.

Thanks for the info

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