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AirTags - Detectors Left Under Trolleys

A while back, an out-of-hours staff member decided to stick Apple AirTags to DDR detectors used for ward trolley patients to make it easier to track down a ‘forgotten’ plate taken back to the ward / in A&E somewhere. This branched out to HBL leg lifts and then some of the positioning pads and standing feet plinths.

The staff member concerned has now left the Trust, but the AirTags remain registered to their account.

How do other departments handle tracking of ‘walkable’ objects in departments via Tiles or AirTags? Register a (business) account in the department name (i.e. via the PACS team as these things usually fall to!) or allow perhaps a more senior / superintendent of the area to manage it (via a domestic account)?

Does anyone maintain a communal / department phone logged in for ‘searching’ for these items or rely on the usual public alerting features?

It’s a great solution that saves running after the porters with said trolley taking the patient to the other end of the hospital!
In terms of administering it, I would suggest maintaining a departmental phone that sat with the Lead for General Radiography, as the direct responsibility for the equipment in the first instance sits with them.