Band 7 - PACS Manager / Imaging Systems Team Leader - GOSH

Band 7 - Imaging Systems Team Leader (PACS Manager) Role now advertised for GOSH until end of Sunday March 12th 2023

This is a role that will be responsible for a team of 4 x Band 6 engineers and operational implementation and management of all imaging systems in the Trust including new SECTRA PACS going live in June 2023, Merative VNA and other imaging systems such as integrated theatres, ophthalmology, Cardiology imaging, SyngoVia, Pukka-J NEXUS, Bayer Radimetrics and other research applications.

This role will join us at an exciting time where we are currently implementing a new SECTRA PACS this year and there are several other major projects coming up in 2023/2024- Ophthalmology PACS, Nuclear Medicine PACS and other strategic projects within NCL ICS (Soliton Share +)

Ideally suited for someone who has been in this role and wants a new challenge or someone who has been a deputy PACS manager and looking for the next step up.

Please reach out to me via email if you want to discuss anything about this role.