Band 7 - PACS Manager - Wales

Morning all,

Those monitoring the various vacancy mailing lists likely also noticed there being 18 PACS Manager and about 60 supplier / contractor vacancies over the Christmas break. This was in line with the predictions the SoR and RCR groups had noted would likely be happening at that time based on workforce planning feedback in 2023, but is still an unusually high number of vacancies. It has also coincided with a batch of retirements and an uptick in recruiter activity for PACS Managers and other PACS team members to join other heathcare projects.

I’m posting a few of the vacancies which would benefit from more keen applicants here for exposure.

First up is:

Betsi Cadwaladr
Standard PACS Manager vacancy within Rhyl.

Apply via NHS Jobs Beta: Job Advert
Expected closing date: 6th February 2024 (tomorrow)