Cerner Millennium EPR and Clinisys ICE Order Comms Cancellations

Hi All,

We utilise Cerner Millennium EPR and Clinisys ICE Order Comms in conjunction with Radnet, as we don’t have a separate RIS. Has anyone successfully set up Cerner EPR to send cancellation notifications back to the referring clinician on ICE through an HL7 message?

Any assistance on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Hello, we use the same.
I thought I was the only one using Radnet in the UK where are you based?
I will try to get more information regards your question from my integration team.

We also Radnet, but hoping to get a full RIS back in here this year.

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Arrowe Park and Countess of Chester use RadNet also.

sorry, had forgot that but, we had a meeting with the ICE team and we never managed to get that done. here is the manual process, after cancelation the referral will get a letter. Maybe with the universal ICE we will be able to change that.

Is anyone of you using Sectra PACS?

lol, thanks Ruby
We are Royal Berkshire Hospital

Do you run a stat in DA2 and then contact the referrers?

Barts Health is using Sectra PACS


using Sectra PACS and RAD net ?