Disc burner recommendation


Can anyone recommend a disc burner please?

Thank you

We use the MARS CD Robot from Rothband. Works well and is reliable although the demise of the CD drive on consumer devices is causing us increasing problems so we’re looking at alternatives (which will probably run alongside the CD robot).

Thank you for the quick response Oliver!

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Same here. We’ve got Etiam Mars (old version) with a Epson PP100 II CD robot. It does a good job but occasionally gets confused by staff for a lunch microwave.

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I agree - all products and services provided by Rothband, including our CD Robot, are excellent - they are a great company that understand Radiology very well.

Hahaha Frank that’s how I tell staff how to open it - like a microwave! ;^P

LOL :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks Frank!

Thanks Kieron!

Mars for formal stuff, some USB disc drives from Dell for everything else. :slight_smile:

For brand new purchases I would probably consider moving to a USB-stick based system now as CDs for consumers are not really commonplace anymore (Apple released its last Macbook Pro with a CD drive over a decade ago in June 2012) and this can increase support calls from recipients or complaints about not making the data release accessible.

For parts and service, CD Robots are moving towards becoming a bit like laser film printers were 10 years ago too.

Some Trusts are instead uploading the data to the NHS net O365 Sharepoint tenant and sending recipients an access link to the folder (for them to download a zip) for those requestors who explicitly don’t want IEP With Anyone transfers.

Hi Farouk,
We are slowly phasing ours out as it is less likely to find users who have disc drives for acutally viewing their images.
We use both IEP and CIMAR to share with our patients, CIMAR especially we have found to be easy to use for those receiving their images via this platform.

Hi Farouk

It must be very time consuming, burning all those CD’s or downloading to USB drives. Have you considered automated alternatives that could free up your time?

Hi Farouk,

We have also replaced cd burning with a combination of IEP and CIMAR.
I find CIMAR to be very flexible if you need to share studies and documents between internal and external teams which is why we use it to support our Clinical trials workflows. We also use it to share studies with solicitors.

We have just gone live with CIMAR and its so incredibly easy to setup and great for our patients. We are also using for clinical trial workflows and for ingestion from overseas patients, definitely worth a look!

Use CIMAR for mediolegal work and it is great software and good company.

I do have reservations about dropping discs and using proprietary software to access the images as it can prevent viewing in outside clinicians preferred and accredited PACS viewing software .

Could of quick questions about CIMAR if I may…

  1. does it work like IEP With Anyone where studies are only stored temporarily on CIMAR and the recipient is expected to download them within a given timeframe? Is that customisable?

  2. if downloaded, what format is the download? i.e. how accessible is it across devices and OSs


Hi All,

Thank you to everyone’s response, really appreciate it! Some interesting and valid discussions about moving away from discs.


We are a user of CIMAR which we have found to be really useful and easy to use, in answer to the questions:

  1. Study retention is configurable using account purge rules. There are various options to filter which studies are retained or removed e.g by workflow or by modality and when this should occur e.g after x days/weeks/months/years from study date or uploaded date.

  2. Downloads options are: DICOM only, DICOM with Viewer (MAC or PC - the downloader will automatically determine OS) or as an ICO file. There is also an App but we don’t use it



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