Disc Burning Software Recomedation

I am looking for recommendations for disc burning software. This will be for patients coming in for OPG’s so they can have a copy straight away to take to their dentist and also as a back up option if IEP isn’t working. We currently use Inscribe but this is being phased out by Intelerad and routinely doesn’t work as it should. I know there are various CD burning machines, Codonics, Mars etc. but those are expensive, so looking for a cheaper alternative that we can install on a PC or workstation. The images will need to be in the DICOM format with a viewer.
Many thanks

I’ve had some successes with Sante DICOM editor.

Helps with all the other bits DICOM related, but the disk burning is just a nice extra feature.

Can make an exported zip file of the study too, which is nice.

Have you considered other methods of electronic transfer?
We have replaced cd burning with a combination of IEP and CIMAR.
I find CIMAR to be very flexible. We use it to support our Clinical trials workflows, patient’s subject access requests, either directly or via solicitors. It also allows patients to upload their studies from their own Cd or PC when they have been scanned overseas.

Thank you for your quick response, that’s really helpful. I will take a look.

I have considered other electronic transfer methods and it is certainly something I would like to implement in the future. I have managed to greatly reduce the number of discs being produced, but there is a little bit of reluctance currently only due to the dental studies. I will certainly take a look at CIMAR as I have heard good things about it. I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

Due to the decreasing prevalence of CD and DVD burners in servers and workstations, rising expenses associated with discs, labor, and hardware replacement, as well as the time needed for CD/DVD production, solutions such as IEP and CIMAR are becoming increasingly prevalent. Another notable and growing solution is CryptoChart.

FYI: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Santesoft Sante Medical Software - NHS Digital

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Thank you Andy. That is good to know.