Dose Management Software - potential meeting

Continuing the discussion from October 2021: Radiation Dose Management Software:

There are moves afoot to have another meeting regarding Dose Management Software - the last was prob around 2017.
Most likely to be arranged by IPEM


  1. Are you interested in this as a topic / system
  2. Would you attend a ‘physicist centric’ meeting or prefer another forum
  3. What are the questions that you would have about the application of these systems within (potentially) a national dose depository?

ANy and all comments most welcome

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For those who have not already been hit with this announcement from all other directions (and on behalf of the organiser

The upcoming IPEM event
Managing Patient Dose: Utilising Dose Monitoring Software,
due to be held in Manchester on Wednesday 4th October.
This meeting aims to give relevant practical updates, and encourage opportunities for collaboration between centres regarding dose management strategy and utilisation of dose monitoring software and image optimisation teams.
There will also be a summary of the recent survey on Dose Recording Systems (ahead of the full publication in SCOPE)

Dose management through the multi-disciplinary team approach and application of dose monitoring software (DMS) is key for advanced performance in optimisation. Its benefits with extracting reliable dose information and other useful metrics are widely acknowledged but the resources required to implement and manage such systems can be significant. Furthermore, the Implementation of image optimisation teams is also just as challenging but necessary to make the most out of DMS.

The previous meeting held in 2017 involved manufacturer sessions and invited speakers that presented their perspective of DMS (Radiographer, Radiologist etc). For this year we are hoping to have a session on national/regional implementations (challenges and successes) of DMS.

This meeting comprises a mix of papers and sessions where delegates can review updates from DMS key users, including opportunities to have their questions answered. An interactive discussion session will also be provided to allow debate around the value of Dose Monitoring Software at local, regional, and national level.

*Full event information including how to book, can be found at the IPEM Event page here: [Managing Patient Dose: Utilising Dose Monitoring Software - IPEM]

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DMS Survey

Cross posted from the DR-SIG hoping to get a wider input than often recieved

Although once a rather small niche operations hiden away in Medical Physics world, with PACS renewals and other wider developments, this has now spread to many areas and interested parties in radiology and the odd person outside.
It would be very interesting to get the input from other who are either stakeholders in this or who have an emerging interest.

Dear colleagues,
With the IPEM Dose Monitoring Software (DMS) meeting just under 2 months away, we wanted to gather data on the prevalence of DMS across the UK as well as how they are routinely used. The findings will be shared during the meeting, via the Communities of Interest and possibly in an article for Scope magazine.

Microsoft Forms

The form will close to submissions at 17:00 on the 1st September. If you are able to spend 5 minutes or so of your time completing this survey we would be very grateful.
Thank you in advance,
Mike (DRsig Member)