Draft RCR Guidance on Radiologist Home Reporting - Public Consultation (Closed 16th December 2022)

The draft RCR guidance for Radiologists on “Home Working for Radiolgists” post-2023 is below and available for public comment starting today.

Closing date for comments is 16th December 2022, 5pm.

Document attached here:
home_working_for_radiologists_-_consultation_draft_21112022.pdf (266.3 KB)

So are we being asked to comment on any questions within this consultation document?

Who is being consulted?

This document is well written and follows some good common sese guidelines is this intended to be RCR guidance for future?


Hi Bonnie, yes please, the RCR would welcome comments on all / any part of the draft guidance document. The guidance is open for public consultation so please feel free to share it with relevant colleagues and networks. All the details can be found via the link Alex shared above. Currently it has been shared with all Clinical Directors of Radiology and will be circulated to all RCR Fellows and members in the next ebulletin. We have also shared it with members of the RCR’s Radiology Informatics Committee and asked them to share with their colleagues and networks.
The intention is for this to be published as RCR guidance by Q1/Q2 2023.

Many thanks Emma – will do


Thank you to everyone who reviewed and fed back comments on the Home Working for Radiologists guidance document draft. The consultation has now closed.