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Happy Christmas 2021

Afternoon all,

Another year has passed us by and we’re once again finding ourselves upon Christmas Eve.
This year has been another interesting one in the informatics world, with many Trusts and regions recruiting a new PACS Manager, implementing new systems or heading out onto the journey that is the tendering process.

AI continues to be touted as a revolution to the solution, whilst I.T. departments across the country scramble to install faster network infrastructure to handle our ever more data hungry modalities and server-rendered images now raining down from the Clouds.

Differences between city and country life have been laid bare by the differing broadband speeds achieved for home reporting, and we have all struggled through monitor and HP component shortages caused by the global shipping delays.

That and the pandemic continuing into a 3rd year.

From the forum, thank you to everyone for the interesting discussions and engaging in the progression of the informatics community. The volunteer moderators, Rhidian and myself wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Take care and have a peaceful few days,

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