HL7 & DICOM Training - Latest Dates Spring 2023

Good afternoon all,

Just a quick update on the training dates in 2023:

Manchester - January 2023 (completed)
Netherlands - January 2023 (completed)
Birmingham - February 2023 (completed)
Liverpool 1 - February 2023 (completed)
Glasgow NSS - February 2023 (completed)
Darlington - February 2023 (completed)
Jersey & Channel Islands 1 - March 2023 (fully booked)
Aberdeen - March 2023 (fully booked)
Derby - April 2023 (fully booked)
Liverpool 2 - UKIO Weekend - June 2023 (booking now open at learnpacs.com for both Level 1 & Level 2 sessions)

The larger sessions offered on the UKIO weekend are now available for booking. All other dates are currently full, however if there are any regions or companies who wish to arrange a private session for some point in 2023 please get in touch - group booking helps tremendously with reducing the administrative burden on the volunteers.

New public sessions for booking will be added to the main learnpacs.com website and listed above when available, but for the smaller sessions those on the waiting list are generally filling the places within 24 hours of release still. Apologies if you miss out on a space due to this, the best way to guarantee a space is to join the June UKIO session where there are a few hundred places available each year.

Training sessions available:
1-day Fundamentals of Radiology I.T. (aimed at Radiographers / AHPs / IEP Clerks / Students / I.T. / interested others who are in or joining the PACS team or looking for CPD on imaging informatics - this session is based on the Clark’s PACS, RIS & Imaging Informatics textbook)
2-day Intermediate HL7 + DICOM (aimed at PACS Team members)
3-day (possible 4-day depending on location) Advanced HL7 + DICOM (aimed at PACS Managers / I.T. PACS Leads, must have passed the Intermediate assessment within the past 7-years)
0.5-day GDPR for PACS Teams (aimed at PACS Team Members)
1-day XDS & IHE (aimed at PACS Team Members)
1-week PRINCE2 (new edition) and ITILv4 (new edition) (for anyone - not specific to informatics)

As always, all sessions are vendor neutral. Current waiting lists for the 1-day & 2-day sessions are now down to around 1,500 attendees.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!