HL7 & DICOM Training - Latest Dates Spring / Summer 2024

Good afternoon all,

Registrations for the larger multi-group HL7 + DICOM training sessions on the weekend before UKIO in Liverpool are now open:

Fundamentals of Radiology I.T. (1 day training for newer PACS Team members, NQEs, students or those with an interest but limited experience): www.learnpacs.com

Intermediate HL7 + DICOM (2 days for PACS Managers / supplier staff / those with some experience), including the assessment: www.learnpacs.com/level2

These sessions are expected to include attendances by the national training leads for integration, testing, patient safety and clinical collaboration.

We are also running Level 3 (Advanced) sessions, but these are currently full.
There’s also sessions scheduled for almost every other weekend until August 2024, however all of those places are fully booked, particularly those in the North. Please join the waiting lists if you are only able to attend in the Scottish or Netherlands venues as this helps us plan for demand in the autumn.

As always the training is run on a non-profit basis. Private and supplier staff remain welcome though (so everyone is on the same page!).

Thanks and Happy New Year all;