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HL7 & DICOM Training - Latest Dates Summer 2022

Hi all,

An update to the last post on upcoming training dates:

Belfast - April 2022 (completed)
Cardiff - May 2022 (completed)
Jersey & Channel Islands 1 - May 2022 (completed)
Manchester 1 - June 2022 (completed)
Scotland 1 - July 2022 (completed)
Manchester 2 - July 2022 (completed)
Scotland 2 - August 2022 (fully booked)
Jersey & Channel Islands 2 - August 2022 (fully booked)
Scotland 3 - September 2022 (fully booked)
Reading 1 - October 2022 (fully booked)
Brighton / Bournemouth - November 2022 (places available via
Reading 2 - December 2022 (TBC - booking available soon)
Durham - December 2022 (TBC - booking available soon)

Wherever possible, the costs remain at £50/head for the 1-day Fundamentals and around £450 for the 2-day Intermediate, including assessment & certification. The 1-day XDS, 1-day GDPR for PACS Personnel and 3-day Advanced sessions are being offered separately to those already on the waiting lists. The sessions are arranged and offered on a non-profit basis - please note that myself and the speakers are volunteers and doing the best we can to work through the waiting lists for these sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions!
Will there be a London date?

We are on track to have our highest number of sessions ever this year, at around 2,000 attendees total, however there are currently no plans to offer sessions in London due to the high costs and new complex contractual terms of venues and accommodation (meeting spaces which we can accredit for the assessment usually require 50% upfront payment now in the post-COVID world!). This has been explored extensively recently and will be kept under review as venues ease back into ‘business as usual’ though.
Manchester has long been the main base for training as pretty much everywhere in the UK can reach it relatively easily.

Can Suppliers join the sessions?

Yes. The idea of the non-profit training we run is that the playing field is leveled and everyone ends up talking the same language. It benefits everyone, ultimately including our patients, to be on the same page. Suppliers are welcome to join the public sessions listed, or book their own private sessions. Private, dedicated, sessions are run and priced in the same way, but we can use a custom venue (as you provide the organisational labour to make that happen!)

Are the sessions broadcast?

We can livecast the public sessions to private rooms for suppliers or groups who wish / need to remain apart from others or together themselves - into a different room in the venues, or another venue completely. This is a slightly more costly option as an AV team is required. This is not the use of Teams or Zoom, the connected rooms have full talkback and access to the presenters as those in the main room. The synchronisation is carried out using (now legacy) BlackBerry applications, which amazingly are still the best for the specific task!

Dedicated Sessions
Several regions have now arranged their own dedicated sessions for their Trusts or between a group of neighbouring hospitals. Dedicated sessions run in addition to the open dates listed above and are preferred as a site lead manages (your own!) attendees on our behalf. This cuts down admin for us tremendously. Please message me directly (on here or via email) if anyone would like to arrange a dedicated session for your region, Trust or group of sites as these help us offer more training in the same space of time. Some suppliers have over the years chosen to arrange and offer out training for their sites, and again this reduces administration for us.

Purchase Orders
Purchase Orders are welcome for those arranging dedicated sessions or for groups of more than 10 attendees. We have paused accepting POs for individual attendees as it is near impossible to receive payment from NHS Trusts in a timely manner and without much hassle and frustration - the average time from request to payment being received reaching several months in many cases, with much time spent chasing POs being the norm!

Corporate Support
In light of the number of attendees this year we are looking for new supporters for the sessions. Our long time benefactor is concentrating their resources on other areas post-COVID and we would like to continue offering the lunches and snacks that kept our attendees well fed going forwards. If there is another organisation who would like to support the sessions going forward, please email or PM one of us directly (you may need to post to unlock the PM function here - anti-spam!)

Thanks again to everyone for their feedback and kind words over the sessions already run this year - we are making headway through everyone on the waitlist and appreciate the encouragement to keep offering these!


Jersey & Channel Islands 2 - August 2022 (fully booked*)
Running alongside the above Fundamentals and Intermediate training sessions; we have received a cancellation and space for two places on the upcoming 3-day Advanced to Expert HL7 + DICOM training across the next Bank Holiday weekend. This session can be viewed and spaces booked here:

Netherlands - October 2022 (fully booked*)
It also appears due to travel restrictions 6 places may be opening up on the 31st October / 1st November Intermediate training. These sessions are taught in English with the same content, timetable and assessment etc., but will be with PACS Managers and teams from EU countries. With the waitlist at the moment and ease of flying to Schipol from many airports here it may be economical to join if anyone is keen to “jump the queue” - please message me directly.

Hi Alex,

I would be interested in attending a ‘fundamentals’ course. Is there likely to be one running in Durham in December? Do I just register when the dates are release or do I need to be on a waiting list first? If so, how do I do that?
Sorry about putting this on the open forum. I can’t find an obvious sway to DM you.

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No worries Andrew - I’ve replied directly in a DM, but to answer more generically for others:

Yes - the larger public sessions we run are listed on - anyone interested is welcome to just jump on and register when new dates are released. The booking site has a ‘subscribe for updates’ function to alert when they appear AND a ‘join the waitlist’ function for anyone wanting to be emailed when cancellations for existing sessions crop up too. There are currently 1449 people (down from 3000+ in January!) on the waiting lists for the public sessions though - available places are filling up within 24 hours of being posted, despite all this being absolutely no-where near as exciting as a Maroon 5 gig…

There’s also the option to arrange dedicated sessions (as in the first post in this thread) which are far easier for us to manage (less admin!). Many of the regions in the UK have been arranging these recently for their Trusts which is really making our arrangements simpler. They’re the same non-profit cost too.

Hope this helps!