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LG Medical Reporting Displays

LG appear to have (quietly?) entered the display arena: Commercial Grade Medical Displays | LG UK Business

I remembering them presenting their proposed PACS monitors at an UKRC a number of years ago the same time as I came across Jusha from China.
When asked when LG would have something available their answer was to watch and wait.

Interesting! Seems like they are now ‘landed’!

To my non-physicist eyes, the displays look ‘nice’, black screens showed a good even backlight. They have a narrow bezel and are incredibly light (as in 'lock ‘em down’ light!). The buttons are raised and are classic physical buttons which may need attention for IC purposes. They do not have internal calibration (either the ‘flip-down’ or ‘always-in-the-way’ sensors) built in to any of the range and require a puck to QA - not necessarily an issue for those with active physics departments and those who feel a sensor intrudes on screen space (but obviously an issue for those who like them!).

I co-incidentally ran into the UK sales chap from LG who pointed out they were on the Rothband stand of the left-hand hall this year. I’ve asked him to drop an introduction in this thread below, as a new, known, company entering the medical display market is a fairly unusual affair and something that will otherwise generate many messages. Obviously we have Barco, Eizo and Jusha as the very much established incumbents in the marketplace in the UK (and NEC retain some footprint despite vacating many years ago now).

(note: these images were taken at UKIO on a demo setup, they do not contain any live PID).

Thanks @alex. I’d be interested to find out more. It would be interesting to know the price point. Remote QA monitoring is more important now with home reporting. Are there any independent reviews do we know?

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Thanks for the introduction Alex, LG are pleased to launch their own range of medical monitors and DXD’s into the UK.
The new 3MP and 12MP diagnostic monitors both have built in calibration, with only the 8MP requiring an external puck. The 8MP was introduces without a built-in calibrator, to provide an amazingly cost effective monitor for home reporting and Pathology. After many requests, it is very likely that we will also introduce a version including a sensor.
The lightweight and reduced footprint is also important, as it allows for smaller packaging and easier transportation.
LG decided to provide their range of displays and DXD’s at a price that reflected production costs rather than the “going rate”, which is quite a refreshing approach. However all monitors still include a 5 year, swap-out warranty and support, along with a full calibration and management software package

The full range can be seen at:

Hi Phil,

I may be missing it, but can’t see the GPU requirements for these screens. Appear to want to compete with Barco functionality with Ezio simplicity, but not sure how you manage things like ‘region focus’ without a screen specific card or additional USB/software interface. My experience over the last 2 years is that if you are buying enough kit the only part that can’t be scaled back on cost is the card so this has been a key factor for me in my purchasing previously.

8mp rather than 6 is not really a benefit for general radiology ( actually created a problem with some application scaling ) but is ‘interesting’ given the multi-ology strategies we are working towards ( I did buy 4k for Path). Personally though I wouldn’t entertain purchasing one without built in remote calibration.

During our last procurement we scored based on the remote monitoring GUI too, so a few flashes of your offering here would be useful to see.

I have a significant number of home reporting workstations and the 90% preference based on footprint and ease of screen scanning was a 6MP with a small RIS slave. Depends how you look at it, but this is either 2 years too late or 3 years too early for me, so plenty of time to get that sensor built in :blush:


Richard Lewis | Head of Radiology Digital Solutions | AC56, SAB


Hi Richard,
LG decided to make their platform more accessible by allowing our software to operate with several premium graphics cards:
We have “Focus View” software anyone can download for our monitors that will magnify and invert selected areas of an image, so all the functionality is available without having to purchase a re-branded graphics card. LG think that this will allow users to save on costs and have greater flexibility.
The 8MP monitor is multi-resolution and can be changed from 8MP-6MP-4MP, so you have either 4,3,or 2MP images side by side, but also high resolution for Pathology etc.
I have to agree though, it would have been nice to have been on the market a little earlier!!!