Modality Simulator

Hi All,

Does anyone know of any (preferably free) software which can replicate the basic functions of a modality (DMWL, Store, Q/R)? I’d like one for diagnosing issues (which worklist servers are down, etc.), testing and training of staff with integrations.




Hi Gareth,

Have you had a look at the DVTk Modality Emulator ( You’ll have to register to download the installer or you can download the source code from Github (GitHub - dvtk-org/DVTk: DICOM Validation Toolkit).

You could also look at ‘jdicom’ which also has a modality emulator (JDICOM).



Hi @gareth.james.

We’ve used a combination of products that we can configure ourselves to test connections etc.

  • PACSgear for eg importing medical illustration images and Print2Pacs which uses a DICOM modality work list DMWL
  • Efilm (from the original free version)
  • GE RA600 (originally the DICOM works product) which does DMWL,C-store and find and can create rules to autoforward and manipulate DICOM tags and identifiers etc.

We are implementing Sectra PACS but found there is still a need to have a local configurable workstation capable of DICOM testing and routing - and sites are retaining their RA600 for that purpose.

I’d be interested to hear too how other PACS managers are doing this?

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Hi. We also use JDicom and DVTK to simulate modality’s for testing. Most of the time we only use it when their are issues after the first connection attempt.

• CharruaSoft - TESTSCU

this works well for simple DMWL/QR.
(Sorry for the bump, but its useful info!)