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PACS Bookmarks in Reports on for Cerner Millennium/iClip

The SouthWest of London is moving to Change PACS and Soliton RIS for the Sector, and we would like to embed PACS bookmarks in the reports. However, I’ve been told that we need an extra API in Cerner Millennium/iClip to make this work. Has anyone come across this before?

Simon Rickaby PhD
Digital ​Transformation Lead
Southwest London PACS Project

We are expanding our Insignia archive to be able to do more but take a look at Larry Sitka’s notes on LinkedIn as he is one of the experts working now for Canon on all things VNA etc. he was the founder of Acuo Technologies who were the first VNA provider 15 years ago!!

We use Cerner Millennium at RBH but are limited to what it can provide. We are looking at Pukka-J Nexis to provide the necessary DICOM MWL from Cerner to devices outside radiology and correct patient information before it is stored.

Cheers, will do.