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PRINCE2 6th Edition Training Sessions

Hot on the back of ITILv4, the new PRINCE2 6th Edition sessions are now available to those with older expired PRINCE2 certifications or no previous experience in the dark arts of Project Management.

The sessions include
Course Material:
Official copy of Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2
Official copy of Passing your PRINCE2 Exams
Copy of PRINCE2 Study Guide (2017 Update)
Copy of PRINCE2 Made Simple

With inclusion on the Axelos Successful Candidates Register if exams passed (note: there is the usual 5 year validity on PRINCE2 Practitioner, and if Axelos release a new edition of PRINCE2 a ‘top-up’ examination is usually required to retain the ‘PRINCE2 Practitioner’ label after a cutover period).


  • For those already with PRINCE2 (2009 or later) at Foundation or higher levels, only the 6th Edition Practitioner element is needed: £485
  • For those with no prior PRINCE2 (or PRINCE2 certifications older than 2009), both Foundation and Practitioner is required (2 sessions, 2 exams): £825

Add £75 for the annoyingly offered Axelos ‘re-sit gamble’ if necessary - gives one more chance at the Practitioner exam if needed (personally I would normally advise against this kind of gamble, but I do remember the last Practitioner exams had some awkwardly phrased questions which had the potential to trip up overthinkers / even the most experienced candidates so have left it in as an option).

These sessions use spare places from larger organisations and run at fairly short notice. We generally get offered around 10-15 places per month, although due to COVID there are slightly more available at present. Vendors and private institutions are also welcome to enquire.

As always, drop me a line if you’re interested, otherwise Happy Easter all!