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Recycling PACS Workstations

Does anyone have advice on recycling PACS workstations.

We have recently gone live with a new PACS and have a large number of previous GE Z620 and Z640 HP workstations and Barco diagnostic monitors, which are no longer required. Some of these are less that 2 years old. Is there any market or charitable option for disposing of this old kit that anyone is aware of? The drives will need to be wiped of course as per security guidance.


RADaid takes those in, they shipped quite a few workstations to their supported PACS sites.

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We removed the hard drives and kept for physical destruction by crushing and had the base units collected by an IT waste recycling company for recycling or sold to a 3rd party. We retained some of the newer Barco NIO monitors and used them for reporting as they still had good life in them, and others were used as standard monitors ie not for review or diagnosis of images.


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Is there an opportunity to use them for Home Reporting? I am familiar with the older Z600 units that had fantastic build quality if that did not diminish in the later units then they are real workhorses.

We have used some of the monitors in new areas like ophthalmology and a few extras in ED and T&O. We transferred the graphics cards to new base units. The old base units are another issue as they are no longer supported by Dell in our case.

The newer Z640 aren’t a patch on the Z600 quality wise but are older so not up to speed. We moved the “old” monitors out to wards and clinics with new base units using the “old” graphics card like Chris did.

recycling/donation to charity as per the previous posts is an option or you could convert them into VDI workstations if you have the VDI infrastructure at your Trust - either for home reporting or additional workstations on site. This way you could also utilise both the PC towers and the newer Barco monitors. However as previously posts suggest licencing/support for the PC’s could be an issue.

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(small correction to my earlier post).
We re-used our displays for home reporting (2018). Our Trust insisted on handing out slower laptops to drive the displays as they were easier to remotely maintain.