Routledge Textbooks - "Festive Discount"

Hi all, hope everyone is well as we approach the festive season.

Partial advert here as it’s a good deal!

I’ve noticed that as part of their ‘New Year Countdown’ Routledge have decided to offer 30% off all their academic titles, with free delivery, which includes the Clark’s PACS Book for the next few days.

It’s probably not that ‘great present for the special person in your life’, but as we have quite a long waiting list on the Fundamentals of Radiology I.T. training sessions, possibly for the department library or new PACS team member who may be in the queue!

To get the 30%, add code ANS10 at checkout. This works on all Routledge medical, health and education titles, including the very expensive specialty tomes so might be useful for something else instead!

As always, the proceeds from the PACS book are used to subsidise the various vendor-neutral national PACS training courses, particularly important these days as we haven’t received any supplier support for the past 4 years.