USA Study by Confluence Health - Usability Testing Facility ($300 Compensation)

The study below on the readability of installation documentation for a self-hosted PACS service was passed over by a US user for information, I have not personally vetted or researched it:

"Interface Analysis Associates are working on the setup procedures for a new cloud-based medical imaging platform for healthcare systems (hospitals, clinics, etc.). The team will be running a remote usability study over Zoom, where participants will read the instructions for setting up the platform, then answer some questions about the procedure and provide feedback about the experience. Participants must be over 18, and familiar with APIs, OAuth, and medical imaging. Should only take about an hour, and there is a $300 incentive on completion.

If you’re interested in participating, fill out the survey at

For more information, contact Interface Analysis Associates at (408)907-6866 or"