Wellbeing modular ris

Has anyone seen or is using their modular ‘next generation’ ris in the wild?
I was first demo’d it about 7 years ago - ‘coming soon!’

When I posted a somewhat scathing opinion of cris on the old forum, wellbeing got in touch and leapt out of the shadows to prove me wrong. I was shown a further demo which was incomplete and could not function correctly without reverting to the windows 3.1-style interface of core cris. There was a promise to keep me updated as things progressed.

All the people who I had been in touch with about this have now left Well-being and I’ve not had any response from their sales team to show me any developments.

Anyone actually using it?


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Are you referring to their “CRIS Reporting” product - web based solution?
There is also a new web based scheduler too.
We at SWASH are involved in trialling both, but we are not quite in pilot phase of either yet.
Southampton are looking at the Scheduler and I am looking at the Reporting module at Portsmouth.
Reporting is close - we are just waiting on some final config pieces around the integrated Augnito VR before we can test.
One outstanding issue with the Reporting module is the lack of vetting.
You still need to vet using “core cris” - which then brings elements of risk if you have core CRIS, CRIS Reporting and PACS open - DTI will work between core CRIS and PACS and CRIS Reporting and PACS - but will not update all 3…
There is a vetting module that has been built for Ireland which we are looking at internally to give feedback but there is no date for release to the UK.
Will happily keep this forum updated as to progress with the reporting module.

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Thanks Mark

Any of their web based modules, I believe that was their development plan to move everything to the web based modular system. This may of course have changed (or I may have misunderstood).

When they demo-d to me about 3 years ago, their reporting module was complete but not being used anywhere in live. The other modules were all in varying states of readiness but none were anywhere near a deployment stage.

Anything to move away from old style cris and it’s many quirks!

Would be interested to hear how you get on with the reporting and scheduling modules