Wellbeing Software Self Check In Question

We have several Wellbeing Software (CRIS) self-check-in units dotted around various departments. It has become apparent that the software will only attend the first event for that day.

For example if a patient is booked for an ultrasound and CT (2 different events). The first event for that day will only be attended. There is a setting that will attended multiple events however they must be in the same room.

This has unfortunately stopped us from only having the unit in place of a human.

Any help welcome if you have mitigated this issue somehow.


Have you tried going through Wellbeing’s bug reporting process?

That might be a step you could take but their response time is measured in years.
We have one self-check-in unit and are about to deploy it (it was introduced 2 weeks before lock down in 2020, and therefore its introduction was parked). It is a good warning as we would have the same issue.