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Working from Home Supervision & Digital Dictation Captchas

Dear all - does anyone have feedback on the new captchas being introduced by a major speech recognition vendor for the end of every dictation (intended to prevent “forgery” of reports by AI products or illicit outsourcing)?


Given the recent concerns about adequate supervision when working from home and the potential for reporting (and other!) staff to “outsource” their worklists to lower cost colleagues in other nations whilst then going about their hobbies, it’s understandable why some Trusts now require checks like these when signing each report (to verify a real human has authored the reports rather than a “random answer” provided from a stock of template reports) but I can imagine it has caused workflow issues for those in the department.

How are those sites piloting finding this? It seems like it may add a little extra time to each dictation / report signing? Or does it help reveal those staff who have chosen to outsource (similar to the BBC story below)?



I have to say, I’ve missed this and wasn’t aware of it, but it seems like a good idea to reduce fraud.
I can understand that there may be workflow issues within departments, with grumbles about adding time per report therefore reducing overall capacity in a session.
It would be great to hear other people’s thoughts on this, I could foresee this becoming a more common feature to enhance security in terms of reducing risk of fraud.

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It’s tough to decide if the date has anything to do with this post :upside_down_face:


:joy: True point!