Augnito/ Scribetech

Has anyone had any experience with Augnito/Scribetech using Welbeing CRIS?
Many thanks

We are about to trail it tomorrow :grimacing:. After 2 years enduring an unstable CRIS/Dragon15, freezing, disappearing, cursor moving to random positions in the report, recording randomly switching off, there is a lot riding on this. The Augnito CRIB sheet I received yesterday was full of references to Dragon and functionality that is not available, so it appears Wellbeing has not bothered to proof read it.

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I wish I could say this didn’t reflect our experience

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We are trying to trial on 2.12.06 version of CRIS without success so far . Some confusion with Wellbeing as to what version of Cris is required documentation we received said 2.12.05 and over. Wellbeing looking into why it’s not working….

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We’ve had a nightmare tbh. We piloted at one site where it seemed ok, although the partial results pop up box was a major issue with the radiologists, as it sits over the clinical history and distracts their train of thought. We rolled out a week later to another 6 sites, and rolled back the next day as it was unworkable; up to a 15 second delay in text appearing, CRIS crashing ( a known issue and apparently fixed by .07 which is designed to fix the Augnito bugs). We were being pushed to trial .07, but given the experience we had we won’t be guinea pigs and are awaiting feedback from a trust somewhere in the UK which is trailing it currently.

Interesting, we are on 2.12.07 since early September. We were advised not to try Augnito until Wellbeing had improved its integration.

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Whilst the speech recognition engine is an improvement, the integration is awful. I’m sure Wellbeing monitor these forums. I won’t say much more

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Andrea, are you saying you tried Augnito, not Dragon, with CRIS 2.12.06, found it to be unstable and rolled back? If so, then I’ll pretend never to have read this post, reboot myself this evening and change the lock on the PACS office door first thing in the morning. :grin:

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Sadly yes Frank, instruct Estates to change the lock this evening. In view of Mark’s comment above I’ll say no more!

We have been using it in Torbay for a while as we try to move away from the Dragon horror show. For all its issues, I will never go back to Dragon. We appear to be on CRIS 2.12.06.

I agree with Mark, the recognition engine does seem better. There is a bit of a delay as the speech makes a round trip to the internet and back, but you get used to it, and for me is not too bad.

The main issues we have is that the punctuation is a mess, with no capitals at the beginning of sentences, random capitals in the middle of sentences, no spaces between words, double spaces etc. It doesn’t seem to handle TLAs very well, even though you can see in the box it’s heard you correctly. For example, it nearly always transcribes SOB as SO b. We have been told that the punctuation issues are fixed in the next version of CRIS.

The other ‘feature’ that takes a bit of getting used to is that there is no way to train it. Regularly mis transcribed words like SOB have to be fed back directly to the vendor.

Overall I would say better than Dragon had become (no hangs or issues with roaming profiles) but definitely a work in progress.



Have you had any issues with 2.12.07? We were due to upgrade but our date was pushed out due to ‘issues’ but I’m not sure what the issues are. Has yours been stable at .07?

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We’ve had no new issues with 2.12.07. I understand the release is focused on a better integration with Augnito.

Three radiologist will trial CRIS 2.12.07 - Augnito for 2 weeks from today onwards. Breathing in now, and plan to exhale in 14 days.

Not yet Chris we upgraded to 2.12.06 on Sunday but major issues with session module broken

We would like the next version fairly soon as we need the bug fixes for augnito in .08 but because of above they are quickly working on new patch to fix sessions so will soon have version .09 not yet internally approved on TEST as soon as we can

Few things we have noticed which weren’t documented in known issues log by Wellbeing but have since been acknowledged as known about


We’ve encountered big problems. The CRIS - Augnito trail started last Wednesday. Three radiologists are involved in the Augnito trail based CRIS 2.12.07.

After 4 days, the radiologists experienced:

  • CRIS freezes with Augnito just like it did regularly with Dragon. A complete system reboot is needed.
  • The microphone switches off but without warning.
  • The cursor has been noted to jump in the report.
  • It misses out part of sentences and complete paragraphs. This forces radiologists to do a much more indepth re-read the whole report.
  • The macros do not always trigger and simply put the transcribed command in as text.
  • The transcription is very slow to appear which is fine if you can trust it. Trouble some if you need to manually edit it, which you constantly have to do as it won’t learn.
  • It has been observed that the microphone icon changes briefly from green to grey back to green. Maybe this is linked to the missing sentences.
  • The capitalisation and no-space, double-space problems as mentioned in this thread are still there. In my quick check, I could not see they were listed in known issues under the release notes.

Once more we find our radiologists having to work as application testers for Wellbeing.
Once again I find myself working for Wellbeing, enabling testing, information gathering and reporting to our clinical director, instead of working other tasks. Yes, problem solving is part of RIS/PACS managers job but this extend is unreasonable under a managed equipment service in my view.

We still might get the conclusion that it is caused by something local (Shropshire wiring). I cant’ get my head around the fact that is in use elsewhere (Torbay and South Devon NHS FT) and not having these issues.

Why doesn’t that surprise us?



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No I can confirm that a number of users at that site tried it but then switched back to Dragon.

I am not aware of that (I work at Torbay). I will never go back to Dragon.


It is in use here in Torbay, but I wouldn’t say we are not having issues, just not as bad as you describe.

  • I have not had CRIS freezes as I did with Dragon.
  • Yes, the microphone does stop working after seemingly random periods of time. Fairly easy to reconnect by selecting from menu.
  • Not seen cursor jumps.
  • Not seen missing sentences or paragaphs (this used to happen with Dragon).
  • Basic macros/commands usually work.
  • Transcription is slightly slower than Dragon due to the round trip to the internet, but I have found the recognition generally very good.
  • The microphone icon changes to grey if you verify a report by voice, although this does not appear to affect functionality. This doesn’t happen if verifying by clicking button.
  • The weird spacing and capitalisation is definitely an issue.


@rperriss Seems my sources are incorrect! I’ll mention it to Huub so he can get up to speed with Augnito. We’ve had mixed experiences with Augnito here at Plymouth

Our 3rd radiologists in the trial now confirms the problems listed earlier in this thread. She says CRIS/Augnito offers a slightly less poor experience than CRIS/Dragon as it reboots quicker when it freezes?!?

So our garage appears to offer

  • a car that crashes regularly by either losing one or two wheels, or by the steering wheel locking but it kindly tells you when it does that. Additionally after the crash, it takes about 5 minutes to get driving again from where you left off.
  • a car that has limited steering ability, crashes regularly and locks the steering wheel without telling you when it does that. But if the engine stalls, it is slightly faster to get it driving again.

Getting desperate now: can anyone share experience of a RIS/PACS VR solution that you would class as reasonable and does the job we promised radiologists before we set out on the VR path? In combination with what RIS/PACS would that be? I need a carrot on a stick :carrot:

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