Consultation: Diagnostic Radiology Lifecycle - RCR Guidance Document

Diagnostic Radiology Lifecycle - RCR Guidance Update

Good afternoon all,

Draft guidance ‘The Diagnostic Radiology Lifecycle’ is now out for public consultation. Authored by the RCR Radiology Informatics Committee, comments are now being sought on the available draft RCR Diagnostic Radiology Lifecycle Consultation 10 07 2023.pdf (357.6 KB).

This guidance attempts to define a standard workflow for diagnostic imaging episodes from the point of referral to result delivery by defining and detailing each of the timepoints on the journey of an examination through four key stages: pre-acquisition, acquisition, post-acquisition and result delivery. Common terms of reference used when prioritising radiology episodes are also set out, of use for vendors to incorporate in their software and help move away from non-UK pathways and terminologies.

If you have any feedback on this draft, please complete the
RCR Policy Comments Form.docx (170.4 KB)

Deadline for feedback is Monday 7 August 2023.