Is anyone using Fluency VR in CRIS


Our trust has just purchased fluency and wondering if anyone has used it with CRIS?

Hi Michelle, just going to move this post into the main forum for visibility…


Hi Michelle,
Is that Fluency for Imaging or one of the other products they offer?
I raised similar questions when we first started looking at it, 3M VR I think is the one you want to look at, one of the replies in there was about it’s functionality with CRIS.
Historically I know it didn’t interface well with CRIS, but I am unsure of the current status there.
We use Fluency for PACS based reporting and it has been very well received by the Radiologists.

Hi Michelle

This was discussed in a separate topic last year (3M Speech Recognition). I have not looked at Fluency Direct since then, but it remains in widespread use by our sonographers.

The main usability issue preventing widespread rollout is the lack of integration with CRIS Core, which runs on Java.


Hi Michelle, is your Trust using it as a general VR or have you purchased it specifically for CRIS?
We’re currently using CRIS - Dragon 15 which crashes several times per day and are desperately looking for an alternative solution. The 1st set of responses already do not look hopeful.